In Production

Spirited to America (working title)

Camera:    Adis Hondo
Sound:     Suze Houghton
Director:  Martin Thomas
in collaboration with the
late Na Godjok

Filming at Argaluk

Gunbalanya / Oenpelli

This story is told from the point of view of the late Na Godjok, a senior lawman in Gunbalanya, the beautiful ‘stone country’ of west Arnhem Land. The realisation that a substantial cache of human remains were stolen from his traditional country during a scientific expedition in 1948 and taken to the United States caused grief and bewilderment, as he explained in interviews shot during the last 18 months of his life. Relieved as he was when Washington’s Smithsonian Institution decided to repatriate the remains, their return presented uncomfortable problems for the Gunbalanya community. There was fear that the spirits of those who were taken would be dislocated and angry, and there was the challenge of devising a ritualistic response to a situation that is without precedent in traditional Aboriginal culture. Na Godjok revisited the now defunct funerary rites that he remembered from his youth in order to create a contemporary ceremony that provided a fitting burial for the ancestors who were spirited away.




Producer:    Lisa Horler
Camera:      Adis Hondo
Sound:       Suze Houghton
Director:    Mick Cummins

Sue and Grant

Sue and Grant in rooming house

Sue is a 46 year old mother who has been without a home for too long. Like her good friend Grant, and young couple Ingrid and Lee, she is fed up with the madness of rooming houses. When they are told their rooms are to be converted into self-contained bedsits they are given real hope for the future. But changing decade old habits is not easy when everyone around you is still on the booze and the drugs offering no respite from the chaos and violence. Sue is supported by her two daughters who are there for her in the darkest of moments. Ingrid and Lee have each other and the goal of getting their boys back. Grant has really only got Sue.  They return to their newly renovated houses to finally break free of their destructive lives and construct a place they can truly call home.


Cunts and Other Conversations

Producer:  Suze Houghton
Camera:    Adis Hondo
Sound:     Suze Houghton
Director:  Bree McKilligan

Greg Taylor on Ottoman

Greg Taylor – Adelaide Exhibition

Australian artist Greg Taylor encounters controversy and intense interest when he stages his exhibition of porcelain sculptures of 140 women’s genitals.

Cunts and Other Conversations (working title CUNTS the MOVIE), charts the journey of the sculptural exhibition ‘Cunts and Other Conversations’, documenting  public responses and subjects’ motives for and responses to being sculpted. The film explores the effects of the censorship of women’s genitals and the demise of the word ‘cunt’ – once just a factual word to refer to a woman’s pubic area – now the foulest swear word in the English language.

As the artist Greg Taylor asks, “How did we come to be afraid of the place we all come from?”

Web page :Cunts and other Conversations


Longing for Lily

Producer: Suze Houghton
Camera:    Adis Hondo
Sound:      Suze Houghton
Editing:    Adis Hondo & Suze Houghton
Director:   Suze Houghton


Daniel and Edina hear of Lily’s visa

Edina and Daniel have faced many challenges in their young lives; war, famine, settling in a foreign country; but nothing quite prepared them for the challenge that infertility wrought on their lives. Edina’s struggle to accept her own infertility was matched by Daniel’s struggle to find the confidence to enter parenthood by other means. With courage and determination, they found their way to ‘acquiring’ a family via adoption. This is the story of baby Lily’s arrival into the lives of two very smitten parents.